We are a young enthusiastic, passionate company with 5 years experience  in the signage and  vehicle advertising industry. We always strive to  provide the very best service and support possible. We don’t just tell  you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to know, even if  you were to choose one of our competitors we would always advise you to  acquire the full job and material specification e.g. a cast or  calendered material. (Cast is a more expensive high performance material  with a longer life span). The above needs to be considered when  obtaining quotes as it is not uncommon for companies to use cheaper  materials and add on additional costs.

We promise to go that extra mile  to provide you with a job that stands out from the rest whether it be  signage, vehicle livery or even a full colour digital wrap.

In the  signage and vehicle wrapping industry you get what you pay for. A cheap  job can only be achieved  through inferior materials and cutting  corners.  Our goals are to provide high end advertisement that will give  your business that individual look and provide exceptional branding for  your company, in turn increasing recognition and ultimately boosting  sales revenue. Our knowledgeable team delivers guaranteed  results!

Sticker Fitters offer a fast, easy and affordable way to reach  your key market areas.

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